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Ethiopia Resumed offensive against TPLF

ByFikadu Kenenisa

Aug 10, 2021

Ethiopia resumed offensive against the TPLF terrorist fighters after the group repeatedly attacked civilians in Amhara and Afar regions. Although the Ethiopian government declared a unitary ceasefire to help citizens in tigray region to resume farming and stabilize the region, the TPLF terrorist group rejected the call and use the opportunity to destabilize the region in unprecedented manner.

According to the press release by Office of the prime Minister, the terrorists group forced all civilian in Tigray, including children and women to fight, block the humanitarian relief corridors and used hunger as a war strategy, killing Ertrean refugies in the region, invade neighboring Amhara and Afar regions and killed hundreds of civilians and internally displaced more than three hundred thousand residents.

Although the International communities has the responsibility to restrain the TPLF group to respect the ceasefire and international law, it has not been heard much. Even some western media continue to propagate misinformation about the situation in Tigray.

For the last three weeks, Ethiopians across the country went out to the streets and expressed their support to the Ethiopian government and called for resume of military measures against the terrorist group. Hundreds of thousands ds of Ethiopians also joined the Ethiopian army, special regional forces and local militiamen to reverse the terrorist groups expansion to other regions. Although some western media portrait the fight as ethnic conflict, Ethiopians believes the fight against the TPLF terrorist group is the matter of state survival; but not a fight against the Tigray people.

The goal of the military offensive the government commanded is to control the terrorist groups expansion and stabilize the Tigray region.

Within hours of the command, the Ethiopian airforce has already destroyed the terrorist group’s military base.

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