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Ethiopia Crackdown Finance scammer’s networks

ByFikadu Kenenisa

Aug 20, 2021

The Ethiopian government announced it has crackdown financial scam networks and arrested several people who involved in money laundering and financially assisting the TPLF terrorist group.

The group had international network of individuals and businesses who covertly collect and illegally transfer foreign exchange to Ethiopian bank accounts and other informal means.

According to the report, those scammers who established cover up business in United States, Europe, South Africa and the Middle East nations illegally collect foreign currency in a much higher rate than the formal foreign exchange rate and deposit the money in the bank accounts of TPLF terrorist group members. By doing so, they harmed the Ethiopian government lost billions of dollars that the country supposed to get and created economic sabotage which resulted in artificial market inflation.

The attorney General announced it is working with interpol and the respective countries to arrest and extradit the criminals.

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