• Wed. Dec 7th, 2022

The Ethiopianist

Unleashing Truth

Response to TPLF leader Debretsion

ByFikadu Kenenisa

Sep 7, 2021

Dr. Debretsion has recently published an article that depicts the TPLF version of the current Tigray Crises. In many aspects, Debretsion attempted to present his group as an innocent group of Tigray patriots fighting for his people. As we all witnessed, the facts about the cause and results of the conflict on ground is far from what has been stated.

Here are some of the core points I have found misrepresented or intentionally ignored in Debretsion’s article:

  1. The major cause of the conflict is the difiance of Debretsion to handover some criminal membersof his cabinet. But nothing else. That is why it is nearly impossible to solve it by negotiating unless all criminals are arrested.
  2. The immediate cause of the war is TPLF’s attack of the Ethiopian Army base in Northern Ethiopia.
  3. Long before TPLF started the war, the Ethiopian government had tried all peaceful avenues to bring the TPLF group to sit and resolve their issue in peaceful way. Including several failed attempts of indigenous conflict resolution mechanisms. But Debretsion and his TPLF group rejected them all.
  4. Amhara and Ertrean forces participated in the war as a result of TPLF’s rocket attack to Eritrea and the Maykadra genocide committed on Amhara by the TPLF.
  5. Unlike the TPLF and the Western media propaganda, Ethiopian Army spent a 100 billion Birr worth of humanitarian assistance to the Tigray region for months long before foreign donors arrived.
  6. While the Ethiopian government had all military superiority including controlling the air space with state of the art Airforce team, it declared ceasefire to give opportunity for peace. However, TPLF group considered is as an act of defeat and attempted to expand the war to Afar and Amhara regions which resulted in atrocities.
  7. As TPLF forces advanced to Afar and Amhara regions they massacred civilians including children, mass rape, looting, destruction of religious institutions and displacing hundreds of thousands; all documented well and still continuing until this moment.
  8. TPLF used a very outdated war strategy called human wave and recuruited thousands of child soldiers on its attempt to control parts of the Amhara and Afar regions which resulted in the death of tens of thousands of Tigrayan’s.
  9. TPLF propagandists used several hate speech on the Amhara in view of creating panic among the Tigray people and motivated to join their army. This resulted in the rise of millios of Amhara people to decisively fight against the TPLF expansionist army.
  10. The very reason of TPLF’s war against the Ethiopian Army is to overthrow Abiy Ahmed’s government and regain central power. TPLF has no other pre-war agenda concerning the Tigray people. Because, the entire Tigray was under TPLF’s power. Even succession is possible under the FDRE constitution. The Ethiopian government is a elected by the people according to the constitution and Ethiopians are not willing to accept a government via any military means. That is why millions of young Ethiopians are currently voluntarily joining the Ethiopian Defense Forces.
  11. Although Debretsion calls for the international community to force the Ethiopian government to sit for negotiations, there is no just cause from the TPLF side for they started the war and there will be no issue to discuss to end the war. The only means to complete the crisis in tigray is by allowing the Ethiopian government complete the war; and get all wanted TPLF terrorist organization leaders under arrest. Then a new elite of Tigray people will organize themselves to form a new transitional government and hold election that will be organized by the Ethiopian National Board of Elections according to the FDRE constitution.
  12. The role of the international community should be supporting the government of Ethiopia in its fight against terrorism and continues its humanitarian relief to all Ethiopian who are affected by the war in Amhara, Afar and Tigray regions.