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Month: November 2021

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  • Abiy Ahmed Honored as Hero

Abiy Ahmed Honored as Hero

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed honored as hero after he announced his discision to directly took the chief military leadership position of Ethiopian National Defence Force and assigned his deputy to…

Ethiopian Diaspora held Historic Demonstrations

The global Ethiopian Diaspora held Historic demonstration on Sunday November 21, 2021. The demonstration is part of the wider #Nomore social media campaign aimed at showing solidarity with Ethiopian government…

Ethiopians launched #Nomore campaign

The Ethiopian Dispora launched global movement against western disinformation and political intervention in Africa. The movement #NoMore is organized by a group of Young Ethiopian scholars including a prominent journalists…

Negotiation with TPLF Nearly Impossible

The war against TPLF terrorist group marked its anniversary this week with no signs of discalation or potential peaceful solutions. The Western bloc led by the USA and European union…