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Negotiation with TPLF Nearly Impossible

ByFikadu Kenenisa

Nov 6, 2021

The war against TPLF terrorist group marked its anniversary this week with no signs of discalation or potential peaceful solutions. The Western bloc led by the USA and European union seems supporting the terrorist group. The Ethiopian government and public outcried for months against the involvement of the Western bloc in Ethiopian internal affairs and territorial integrity. The United Nation Security council discussed on Ethiopian internal issues more than ten times with not significant outcome just in less than a year.

Although the international community call for bilateral cease-fire and negotiations, the possibility for its success seems null. This is particularly due to the following reasons

In the first place,TPLF is a designated terrorist organization by the FDRE parliament; and it is illegal and immoral for a democratically elected government to negotiate with such a group.

Second, TPLF terrorist group started the war against the government with no valid cause. As the only party holding the reginal government power in Tigray Region, TPLF had the rights and previlledges to do anything to its region including succession and establishing a new ethnic state. This is because, Article 39 of the FDRE constitution allows all states to self administration and determination. Thus, there is no justification for a war of any kind in relation to economic or political interests of regional states.

The only reason for TPLF terrorist group attacking FDRE military base in Tigray is to overthrow the Central government and took power. Thus, any negotiation with the TPLF terrorist group is considered as acknowledging the overthrowing of democratically elected government of the FDRE.

Third, the vast majority of Ethiopians support the democratically elected Federal government of Ethiopia and are determined to pay all the costs for the war to eliminate the TPLF terrorist group. This means, even if the government considers negotiations, the Ethiopian people will not support any talks with the terrorist group who slaughtered thousands of unarmed army members while they were off duty.

Fourth, Ethiopian are well aware of the fact that the war is not between the people of Tigray and the Federal government. Ethiopian government and the people believe it is a proxy war backed by USA, Egypt, Sudan and western forces with the aim of weakening Ethiopia by threatening its sovereignty and national unity. Consequently, sitting with TPLF terrorist group for negotiations will be considered as treason.

Fifth, negotiation with the TPLF terrorist group will leave a very dangerous legal precedence for future stability of the country by encouraging new terrorist groups to emerge following the footsteps of TPLF.

In general, as TPLF has neither a just cause for the war nor political issues beyond the scope of the constitution; negotiation seems impossible. Any sanction imposed by USA or European Union cannot bring the Ethiopian government to negotiation table. Instead, it worsens its diplomatic ties with the US; and embolden the patriotic feeling of Ethiopians homeland and the diaspora.

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