• Wed. Dec 7th, 2022

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Abiy Ahmed Honored as Hero

ByFikadu Kenenisa

Nov 23, 2021

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed honored as hero after he announced his discision to directly took the chief military leadership position of Ethiopian National Defence Force and assigned his deputy to undertake the political leadership.

Ethiopian historians compare his military leadership against the TPLF proxy war with Emperor Minilik’s military leadership at the dawn of Ethiopians war against the western colonialism led by the Italians.

Abiy Ahmed had a military experience in the Ethiopian Army and had a rank of colonel before he came to his position. It is under his leadership that the Ethiopian Defence Forces take its current shape. Previously, the army was dominated by the Tigrians military commanders who hate Ethiopia very much. After Abiy took power, he restructured the army to represent all Ethiopian Nations and be based on citizenship rather than divided in Ethnic and language lines.

The western media continued demonizing Abiy Ahmed dispite a global support he received from all Ethiopians Nationals homeland and the dispora. The western media frequently criticize Abiy for he is leading the war while he received Nobel prize for peace. A prominent professor of Addis Ababa University, Bedilu, condemned the westerners for they intentionally confer Abiy the peace prize as a down-payment for keeping him silent while they will be butchering his country.

Several Ethiopian political analysts supported Abiy’s decisions for the successful completion of the war with Ethiopian victory. This seems true. Within hours after he announced his direct participation, the Ethiopian National Defence Forces regained several cities including the Historic City of Lalibela from the TPLF Terrorist group.