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Unleashing Truth

Ethiopians launched #Nomore campaign

ByFikadu Kenenisa

Nov 23, 2021

The Ethiopian Dispora launched global movement against western disinformation and political intervention in Africa. The movement #NoMore is organized by a group of Young Ethiopian scholars including a prominent journalists Hermela Aregawi. According to the organizers, the objective is to create public awareness on the deliberate misinformation campaign of corporate media such as CNN, BBC, Reuters, Associated Press on Ethiopian war against the TPLF terrorist group.

The Ethiopian government was long complaining about the biased media coverage, pressure against Abiy Ahmed’s government and a support the United States and the United Nations and European Union providing to the TPLF terrorist group on several occasion including to the UN security council and United Nations General Assembly.

The campaign started on social media platforms and will grow to street demonstrations and voting campaigns.