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Abiy a model for Patriotic leadership

ByZebib Tadewos

Dec 2, 2021

Following his decision to delegate his prime minister position and lead his army on frontline, Aby Ahmed became Headline to several news media outlet. Although major media oitlets reported his decision to lead the Ethiopian Defence Forces in the frontline, the perspective of the reporting represents is a complete detachment between the two power blocs: the East and the West.

While major western media reported his decision as the act of genocide; and even called for the Nobel Peace Prize committee to reevaluate their decision, the Eastern bloc that includes the Russians, Chinese, Africans, Turks, several middle eastern and Arab media outlets honored him as a hero and referring his actions as the ultimate model for Patriotic leadership in contemporary world history.

Within less than a week of his direct command, Abiy Ahmed already fascinated the world by defeating the TPLF terrorist group and successfuly reversing their expansion towards the Amhara and Afar regions. For intance, his army took only three days to regain full control of the Afar region.

Tens of thousands of terrorist fighters have been killed and thousands others are surrendered in several war fronts in the Afar and Amhara regions. The EDFs have also regain control of strategic Amhara city of Gashena and the historic city of Lalibela.

Government forces are still advancing further to recapture remaining cities from the terrorist group. According to Dr. Legless, the Ethiopian government minister of communication, a dozen leaders of the terrorist group have need killed on the same week and the remaining few are on the ran.

Given the current victory of the EDF, the international unity and cooperation of Ethiopians and the movement of millions of Ethiopians to join the Ethiopian army on the one hand; as well as the weakening and defeat of the terrorist group on the other hand; Political analysts are predicting that the war will be completed in a matter of weeks by Ethiopians victory.

Things are quickly changing on the ground. However, the one thing that seems never changing is the United States and westerner’s media propoganda against Ethiopia and Abiy Ahmed’s government.